Activate Your Security – Tuesday|Legal|Finance

Activate Your Security – Tuesday|Legal|Finance


Attorney Ashley Goggins is a practicing trial attorney and owner of The Credit Bar. The Credit Bar helps individuals and businesses protect their credit and their coins through personal & business credit building and forming legally compliant businesses. Her goal is to educate the all on financial literacy and business development.

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Idea Stylist + Craft Analyst, Dedra Shores believes that just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you can’t get paid to do it. Her personal motto, Give yourself permission to profit from your crafts.Using her personal creativity and financial background, Dedra helps those insecure about their big ideas and break them down into do-able pieces that fit into their life and make them happy. Using your creative gift, Dedra helps you finally stop playing small and create a business that you love.


Tina Marie is the CEO & Founder of The Profit Project. As a Success Coach, she helps new online entrepreneurs bring clarity and organization to their business. Her clients learn how to design a business that supports their dream lifestyle, be both sustainable and grow orientated, and be able to build their purpose into a legacy. Tina Marie helps her clients blend corporate strategies with holistic approaches through coaching programs, e-courses and soon to be book series.

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