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Activate Your Identity – Monday|Branding


Kae Whitaker is the owner and CEO of Kae Whitaker Solutions.  Kae focuses on helping small businesses stay competitive in their respective market and surpass their revenue goals.

Kae has worked with some of the nation’s largest retailers, and has now taken her expertise in Retail Sales & Marketing Development to create her premium coaching programs that help small business owners tune into what matters most in their marketing efforts, streamline their processes, and maximize on their clientele.

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Roshanda Pratt is a highly sought after storyteller strategist, heart-felt producer and television media expert who works with influencers and media personalities to find and amplify their voice to gain greater influence and monetize their story.

Roshanda is considered a vocal champion for entrepreneurs who can no longer remain silent about their brand.

Her expertise and background in media and marketing has prepared her in creating brand messaging for corporate clients, nationally published authors, entrepreneurs and small businesses. What’s your story?

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Dominique will be our lead panelist during this year's Summit discussing some of the top issues and challenges we face as women with our brands!

Atlanta based Freelance Make up Artist, Dominique Doyle is known for her creative, edgy looks that enhance the beauty of her clients. With over 5 years of experience, Dominique’s clientel span from Atlanta to New York . Her work includes: commercials, video production, print advertising, as well as weddings and other special occasions.

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Activate Your Security – Tuesday|Legal|Finance


Attorney Ashley Goggins is a practicing trial attorney and owner of The Credit Bar. The Credit Bar helps individuals and businesses protect their credit and their coins through personal & business credit building and forming legally compliant businesses. Her goal is to educate the all on financial literacy and business development.

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Idea Stylist + Craft Analyst, Dedra Shores believes that just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you can’t get paid to do it. Her personal motto, Give yourself permission to profit from your crafts.Using her personal creativity and financial background, Dedra helps those insecure about their big ideas and break them down into do-able pieces that fit into their life and make them happy. Using your creative gift, Dedra helps you finally stop playing small and create a business that you love.


Tina Marie is the CEO & Founder of The Profit Project. As a Success Coach, she helps new online entrepreneurs bring clarity and organization to their business. Her clients learn how to design a business that supports their dream lifestyle, be both sustainable and grow orientated, and be able to build their purpose into a legacy. Tina Marie helps her clients blend corporate strategies with holistic approaches through coaching programs, e-courses and soon to be book series.

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Activate Your Presence Pt 1- Wed|Marketing


Feuza Reis aka Fuse is an SEO strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs. She teaches DIY SEO for fellow creatives so they can get found online and live their epic creative destinies. She is the lady boss blogger at Get Found with Fuse where she shares tips on getting found for your blog and social media. Brazilian born, jersey raised, mother of two rocking boys and married to Brazilian hunk. Red cab lover and coffee for life!
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Tamell Green is a Tech savvy, PR specialist, also known as The Digital Midwife, who helps busy mompreneurs give birth to their businesses through social media marketing, web design, and PR essentials. She is a wife, mother of 3, and balancing it all through God’s strength.

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Brittany Butler, aka Miss B Fab, is the Money Stylist. The wife and mother of three is known for doing everything with a touch love and a dose of fabulosity. From expertly managing her family's finances to building web sites for business owners, Miss B Fab is noted for helping her family get out of more than $40,000 worth of debt in one year. Her system for eliminating debt and financial stress has supported aspiring budgetnistas as they learn how to take control of their finances - and not scrimp on the fabulousness in the process. Brittany spends her days helping her tribe at learn how to become budget ninjas and look fabulous while doing it.

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Activate Your Presence Pt 2- Thurs|Marketing


You're not seeing double Kae is blessing us twice this week because she's just that good!
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XayLi is the "Visual Marketing Goddess". She teaches you how to take eye popping selfies, create mouth-watering images and real-life videos giving you the opportunity to attract an authentic audience where brands are knocking down your virtual door to work with!

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As Director of Strategy at SocialFlow, Jess spends her days working with some of the world’s largest publishers, media companies, and brands to develop and execute paid social strategy. Her greatest joy is sharing those techniques with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups so they can be competitive online.

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Activate Your Solutions- Friday|Sales


Kelly James Founder of Sales Success for Introverts | TEDx Speaker| Author. Kelly helps introvert solopreneurs achieve sales success in their business by teaching them easy to implement strategies designed to unlock their superpowers and generate income in their business.

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Katherine Dunn-Elonga is an award-winning instructional designer and a
frequent speaker with more than 15 years of experience building,
launching, and teaching courses. She has a knack for explaining course
design for the entrepreneur or corporate learning and development team.

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