Why #LBLSummit Is For You!

2017 is rapidly sitting on our heels! We have zero time to keep playing it small in our business. Our family, freedom, and finances simply cannot survive in this "safe space" we've been working in! We're also speaking on subjects and topics that most summits are afraid to touch i.e. Legal and Sales ... "OUCH"! but our amazing speakers are teaching these life or death components of our business in an extremely non-intimidating way!

Fast Track Your Learning Curve

We want you to stop Googling and puzzle piecing your business together and start getting "right now" and "on time" strategies that will leave you ready to take MASSIVE ACTION in specific areas

Take Action Now Masterclasses

CLASS IS IN SESSION! Our expert leaders are going to ignite a fire and renewed passion like you've never felt! After attending our masterclasses you will love and appreciate your business all over again but most importantly you're going to leave each session knowing MORE than you knew before!

Attend Summit Anywhere!

As long as you have a strong internet connection, be prepared to watch, interact, and "go live" from any device. At the gym, lunch break at work, home, etc you can take the summit with you!

Live Q&A

When you attend live you'll have the opportunity to ask your niche specific questions live! (Our experts' private sessions start at $497/hour)

Expert Trainings

Our experts are pouring their passions into you so you can get educated, empowered and EXECUTE their business tips, tools and tactics

It's FREE! (For a limited time)

You are getting trained every day for a full week with industry leaders that would cost you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to book a private session with! We want you to make a massive impact in your industry so I hand-picked powerhouse teachers who I know will ACTIVATE YOU! Plus we're giving you 2 additional days to soak it all in and execute your strategies before it goes into the Lady Boss vault! Secure Your Seat Now!

Ready To Activate Inner CEO?

This Summit is like no other you've ever attended before! Everyday we are PROGRESSIVELY giving you intricate strategies to NEXT LEVEL the vital aspects of YOUR BUSINESS!

Our Next Giveaway Will Start ....

On Monday October 17, 2016 Make sure you check your email for giveaway specifics because you don't want to miss out!